Carolina Skiff DLV Series


Avalanche Motorsports is proud to be the newest high volume Carolina Skiff Dealer on the East Coast. Carolina Skiff is the worlds best selling boat, and when you come look at them at Avalanche Motorsports you will know why.


The unique hull design of the DLV Series appeals to both the shallow water angler and the enthusiast who like to venture into deeper waters. The modified Tri-V hull design allow for a smooth, outstanding performance dry ride. Delivering peace of mind on the water and giving you more boat for less. With high sides, you feel safe and stable inside the boat no matter where you are standing. The front and rear platforms provide great fishing spaces that can easily be transformed into ample padded seating within seconds. Pair all of this with a shallow 6 inch draft for all DLV's and you have a boat that can go anywhere and do anything!



The Carolina Skiff DLV's come in several sizes for all types of applications of use. The 178 DLV is the smallest in the DLV Family, going up to the 198 DLV , then the 218 DLV, 238 DLV, and lastly the 258 DLV . The 178 DLV and the 198 DLV are perfect for the lone fisherman looking for a boat that can be easily handled by themselves loading and unloading as well as guiding it in to that secret fishing hole. These also make excellent boats for Flounder Gigging. Most Flounder Giggers find themselves having to cross large bodies of water, like salty rivers and sounds, to get to the shallow sandy areas that flounder like to hang out at. The DLV tri V hull design will get you through the deep rough water without sacrificing ride quality and float in only 6 inches of water to get you in the best spots! The Carolina Skiff 218 DLV is all around work horse. Small enough to fish and gig off of, but big enough to be rated for 14 people! The 218 is the all around DLV that can do it all with plenty of room. When you go up to the 218 DLV, you get the largest front platform that is offered for the DLV, plus some more forward floor space. The 218 DLV can be powered with a few different motor options. Give us a call at 252 946-0920 to discuss what is best for you! The beam on ALL Carolina Skiff DLV boat is a WIDE 96 inches. It is very easy to move around in and never get in the way of your riders. The 238 DLV and the 258 DLV are the biggest Carolina Skiff DLVs offered. These are great boats for fishing with a larger amount off people, or fishing bigger waters like the sounds, and bays, and even some near shore stuff. It is important to us at Avalanche Motorsports that you buy the right boat the first time. Give us a call to discuss which boat is the right one for you!